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Qi Beauty Treatments

Book a series of 6 Qi Treatments and receive a home kit!

Qi - Sculptural Lift 


This holistic facelift treatment activates the Qi (energy) within the skin with the strategic placement of 24ct gold magnetic spheres, to balance & stimulate the body’s bioelectrical system.  The Qi magnets promote volume and levitation providing a sculptural face lifting vibrant effect.  Focusing on facial areas of concern, this rejuvenating treatment will help to boost skin elasticity and deliver immediate firmness, leaving your face lifted and hydrated.  The stimulation of Qi will enhance the natural oxygenation, detoxification and cellular signalling of skin tissues that will help skin to self-repair and offer long-term age-control.  


The Advanced Qi Lift uses the largest field matrix and is best suited to those in need of deep tissue cellular rejuvenation & repair.  A Qi treatment includes some of my signature face lifting massage techniques.  For long term age control I highly suggest booking a Qi Series - discount rates available (min 3 treatments).


Qi - Face lift Advanced  

(highest gradient Qi lift)






Qi - Face lift 

Qi -  with Eye & Lip Lift  

Qi - Chest (add-on treatment)

Qi - Neck (add-on treatment)

Qi - Hand treatment 

Qi beauty practitioner in LA

Qi - Goddess Treatment 

My most requested facial!  Combining Sculptural Face Lifting Buccal Massage & Qi beauty allows for optimal long term lift and repair. This tension melting, anti-gravity face massage treatment will lift, strengthen & tone by massaging both the internal and external muscles of your face. The results — diminished fine lines and wrinkles, bright eyes and a glowing complexion.  

$290 - inc Qi Full face lift 

neck and chest Qi beauty.PNG

Qi - Lymphatic Lift

Targeting specific lymphatic drainage points this treatment encourages stimulation to create balance whilst calming sensitive or reactive skin. This treatment recalibrates skin releasing toxins and stagnation of fluids.  Recommended for skin that is acne-prone, congested and needing a brightening detoxification. This treatment will also include Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.



Home Kit

The Qi beauty Home Kit is your personal access to Qi beauty technology for skin health maintenance at home, highly recommended for long term results.  This is the ultimate facial while you sleep!  


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