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– All Skin Types

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 1 Beneficial Active Ingredient 

– 100ml


This potent master-distilled German Chamomile Hydrosol is the ultimate cooler, soother, and reliever for reactive, inflamed, or acneic skin. These tiny and delicate white flowers are a skin game-changer by reducing redness, itching or irritation instantly. German Chamomile is balancing to the skin’s microbiome and is an ally for acne, breakouts and congested skin. The aroma of this hydrosol is a combination of honey, grasses, hay and candied floral notes.


Skin: This hydrosol has a notable phytochemical called Azulene, which is responsible for much of its calming and cooling abilities. Apply this Hydrosol to inflamed or cystic acne to reduce swelling and redness. On the body, use this on any irritated skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, burns, blisters or bug bites. This hydrosol is very safe and well suited to children of all ages.


Body: Chamomile is a nervine with anti-spasmodic and analgesic properties, which means it calms and soothes the nerves when they are under duress. In addition to treating all of the full body skin concerns above, try misting on the body anywhere nerve pain is experienced. Follow with an application of Sun Body Oil for a soothing medicinal treatment.


Spirit: Chamomile is the first and foremost choice for irritability of any kind. It can shift the energy after anger and frustration, and it can soothe a tired child. Chamomile is calming medicine for emotional or spiritual inflammation. Use it to help with fear, impatience or denser emotional states that are getting stuck in your field.

Single Farm Hydrosol: Chamomile

  • Full Ingredient List: Single Plant and Single Farm Artisan Distilled Chamomile Hydrosol°
    °organically grown ingredient

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