– Sensitive / Inflamed / Cystic Acne / Reactive

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 24 Beneficial Active Ingredients

– 50ml


The Gentle Mask: Hydrating Recovery provides intense hydration and instant soothing relief to irritated and inflamed skin. As this mask steeps it transforms into a deep fuchsia gel-like consistency that cools and calms the skin. It restores nutrients necessary for healthy skin functioning, and leaves the skin with a brightened plump glow. When painted all the way down the neck and chest, one can expect to see a reduction in swelling, puffiness, and inflammation after just one use. This Mask contains medicinal flowers, roots, mushrooms, and berries to provide an abundance of botanical hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, B vitamins, soothing lipids for barrier repair, azuluene, anthocyanin, vitamin C, flavonoids, and vitamin E. While this Mask is suitable for all skin types, we especially recommend it for rosacea symptoms, compromised skin barriers, dry and dehydrated skin, and reactive sensitive skin.



Incredibly hydrating, softening, and soothing. It is filled with plants that are rich in mucilage, humectants, saccharides – plants that support a deep lymph flow, healthy fascia, hydration, and plump, supple connective tissue health. Roses and Marshmallow now take center stage really making this mask a hydrating mask, as well as ideal for damaged barriers in need of repair. Antioxidants and healing phytonutrients are abundant as well from plants like Hibiscus, Cornflower and Buddleia. Reishi Mushroom is present, which adds polysaccharides for hydration, nutrient delivery into deeper layers of the skin, as well as boosting the surface immunity of our skin. The Tamanu Oil and Pomegranate Oil are still there offering a wide array of beneficial omegas and providing a gentle delivery system of many of these nutrients into the skin. Essential oils are micro-dosed in this Mask, such as German Chamomile for cooling inflammation relief and White Rose for barrier strengthening and repair.

Laurel Gentle Mask : Hydrating Recovery

  • Full Ingredient List: Marshmallow Root°, Rose Petals°, Milky Oats°, Marshmallow Leaves°, Cornflowers°, Hibiscus°, Baical Skullcap Root°, Licorice Root°, Slippery Elm Bark°, Reishi Mushroom°, Self Heal Flowers + Leaves°, Buddleia Flowers°, Yarrow Flowers°, Hawthorn Berries°, Skullcap Leaves°, Tamanu Oil°, Pomegranate Oil°; Essential Oils of Bergamot°, Sandalwood°, German Blue Chamomile°, Rose Centifolia°, White Rose°, Carrot Seed°, Helichrysum° °signifies certified organic ingredient *all clay is wild crafted